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Rick series fuel cell module is an all-in-one design, which integrates subsystems including Fuel Cell stack, fuel supply system, air supply system, temperature control system, control & communication system, and electric system. And meanwhile it also provides complete safety design, robust structuring, and noise reduction. Rick series is designed for multiple-module-connection to increase the power demand to meet users’ varied applications. In the case of a system breakdown, operators can achieve rapid system recovery by individual module swapping. Rick series is a Plug-and-Play system. The module interfaces have clear specification so that the installation work is largely simplified. Rick series can serve multiple scenarios and a wide range of power demand, including automobile/motive application, mobile generator, stationary power plant, back-up power supply, and cogeneration generator.

Item Feature Note
Rated Power 15KW Scalable for different power demand
Output Voltage 70~110 Vdc
Dimension 112 X 44 X 25 (cm3) 112 X 44 X 25 (cm3)
For a single module
Filter capacity 10 μm
Cold Start-up With A.B.: 0 sec
Without A.B.: 10 sec
A.B.: Assisting Battery
Noise < 65dB
Air Consumption 900 Unit : slpm
Ambient Temperature 5~60°C Ask for technical support if out range
Input H2 pressure 0.5~1 MPa (5~10 bar) Ask for technical support if out range
Altitude -200~ 4000m
Fuel Purity Requirement 99.95%
Cooling Water-cooling
Protection IP-54 / IP-67 Customized
Protocol CAN 2.0b 250 K

Rick - II 45KW

The Brand-new Rick-II series comply with the GB and SAE standards for better safety and reliability. And with better durability, it provides up to 400,000 kilometers drive-range performance warranty. Rick-II is also capable of full range flow adjustment which allows full power range utilization, from 20% to 100%, creating optimal fuel efficiency in different power output and different driving scenarios. At the same time, it also largely reduces the supporting battery needed on a fuel cell vehicle. The Rick-II series can also go with YC Synergy's self-developed supporting system for operation temperature control, power hybrid, safety assurance device, full-function control system and communication systems. The complete turn-key-solution assures easy product adoption and installation for various vehicles. The vehicle makers or OEM can simply install Rick-II fuel cell system by connecting cables and fuel tube, while the other supporting subsystems are all well-positioned on the total-solution system YCS provide.

Item Feature Note
Performance Rated Power
Output Voltage
45KW (49.4 KW max.)
175 – 230 V
0 – 280 A
Physical Dimension
L 926 x W 700 x H 500 mm3
< 150 Kg
Fuel Composition (SAE J2710) H2 >99.97%
Operation Oxidant
Stack Coolant
Fuel Supply Pressure (barg)
Air (Through filter)
D.I. Water (Temperature range 60-700 C)
5-8 (0.845 g/s max.)
Monitoring Control Interface CANbus


※ Excellent Product reliability
※ Including Pre-charge Circuit
※ An Insulation Monitoring Device
※ CAN Bus Protocol to Meet
- SAE J1939 Regulation

Item Feature Note
Input Current from DC Converter < 175 A
Input Voltage from DC Converter < 700 V
Communication Mode CAN
Ingress Protection IP67
Input Current from Vehicle PDU < 300 A
Input Voltage from Vehicle PDU < 800 V
Output Current for ACP < 100 A
Cooling Method Natural Ventilation


※ Excellent Product reliability
※ Intelligent Thermal Management
※ 9 Way Power Output
※ CAN Bus Protocol to Meet
- SAE J1939 Regulation
※ Maximum Efficiency: 94%

Item Feature Note
Input Voltage 300~750 V
Output Voltage 27.5 V
Communication Mode CAN
Ingress Protection IP67
Output Current 440 A
Output Power 12kW
Output Voltage Ripple ≦500mv
Cooling Method Liquid

Product Services

Stationary Power Integration

Commercial Vehicle Integration

Hydrogen system, power system, motor and control module, key parts and system integration. And customized for customers.

Hydrogen Filling Station

Hydrogen Production, Purification, Compression, Storage, Dispensing, total solution
Hydrogen Production Rate) 0.5~50Nm³/Hr ):0.5~50M³/hr
Hydrogen Purity:≧ 99.999%
Dispensing Spec.:350bar~700bar

Power-Train Integration

Fuel Cell, Battery and Super Cap, Motor, Controller, VCU, total solution. And customized for customers


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