The Creation of Wisdom


YC Synergy is a company with highly talented and intelligent management team along with our innovative and progressive technology. We strive to improve and surpass higher standards and expectations to achieve utmost customer satisfaction.
We provide a good working environment where we emphasize on professional development and teamwork among all staff and employees. Not only do we provide a enjoyable working environment, but we also care about each employee’s professional development and teamwork among all staff.

Vision and Mission

YC SYNERGY seeks to revolutionize energy usage though Fuel Cell and Electric Drive -Train technology, thus creating a hydrogen economy that allows for zero-emission. We hope to play an integral role in making the environmental cleaner and the world greener.

Our 4 missions to create a Hydrogen Economy:

  1. 1.Expand the use of fuel cell: create a market where fuel cell applications are ubiquitous, visible, and practical.
  2. 2.Improvement of Technology: Through continuous technology upgrading, YC SYNERGY becomes the leading Fuel Cell System manufacturer in the world.
  3. 3.Strengthen industry cooperation: Collaboration with our partners to streamline the process and production of fuel cell technology and applications, thus achieving a hydrogen economy.
  4. 4.Investment of human capital: Build strong teamwork with academia and research institutes to maintain long-term and sustainable manpower supply for this industry.

Development of Green energy power and utility system with fuel cell technology; Consolidate the supply chain to provide multiple and integrated total solution; Create a win-win situation with all partners and become the leading player in the global green energy sector.

We are green, Eco-friendly and we cherish this planet. We are devoted to:

  1. 1.Contribute our best to brighten up each land.
  2. 2.Create the better life for every human beings.
  3. 3.Preserve the utmost green future for our children.

Our Vision:

To be recognized as the most influential brand and contributor in the global green energy industry.

About Company

YC SYNERGY was founded in 2012 as a fuel cell system and solution provider. Our advanced fuel cell integration technology and high performance electric propulsion technology make us the leading supplier of high power fuel cell solution in Taiwan. With the complete power-train integration capability, YC SYNERGY has strong partnership with vehicle and boat manufacturers. We provide a one-stop-shop service for our customers from operation model analysis, product concept formulation, solution development, to product design and manufacturing. We are dedicated to providing our customer commercially viable fuel cell power solution.

YC Synergy continues to receive support and acknowledgement from Taipei city government as well as other government agencies, research institute and academic centers in Taiwan. With the assistance and collaboration of various agencies and organizations, we expect to change the landscape of renewable energy in the next three years.

In 2012, with the support from the Taipei City government, we were able to initiate our fuel cell technology development. And to complete the fuel cell system used on large ships in 2013. In the same year, we also received the grant from the Ministry of Economic Affairs for further demonstration of our fuel cell technology and for promotion of this green technology.

Quality Policy

Excellent Quality, Innovative Technology, Customers Satisfied, Business Continuity.


YC SYNERGY insists in value that the continuous contribution and cares to the employees, shareholders, society and human beings are the foundation of corporate profitability and growth.

We shoulder the responsibility of the society improvement and implement the following policy:

  1. 1.CSR
  2. 3.Compliance of EICC codes and standards.
  3. 2.Environment safety policy
  4. 4.Environment protection